through marriage, grief counselling 

and spiritual direction

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Forever Weddings

Experience the most memorable wedding of a lifetime overlooking the crystal clear, aquamarine waters of The Bahamas as you say "I DO". Feel the warmth of the sun and the sand underneath your feet as you hold your marriage of your dreams on the beaches of The Bahamas.

Grief and Loss

We usually associate grief with the loss we experience when a loved one or close friend dies. Losing someone we dearly love and care about is about one of the most challenging matters that will happen in our lives.


Spiritual Direction

Find your spiritual direction and you self-reflect on your journey so far and where your life is taking you beyond the present moment. 


Read Part 1 of a three-part series by Dr. Eldon on renewal of marriage vows.

“Transformation begins within. Discover the many journeys that life offers you and believe that transformation is the ultimate outcome.”

Dr. Reginald Eldon

Dr. Reginald W. Eldon
Marriage Officer & Justice of The Peace
Nassau, Bahamas

(242) 393-6729

I have enjoyed officiating at Marriage Ceremonies and Vow Renewals for couples from all over the world as well as locally.

My greatest joy is working with each couple in a creative and caring way to ensure their marriage ceremony is exactly what they want for their special day. I assure couples that I am not the one getting married……my role is to listen, draft and write ceremonies to their liking and then edit until every word is completely unique and original.

I’m equally happy to work with you if you want to keep it simple and just get legally married. In all cases I personally take you through the process of obtaining your official Bahamian Wedding Licence and Marriage Certificate once the ceremony is completed. Official Bahamian Marriages are legal in all countries. As a justice of the Peace I am also able to provide Affadavits if required.

I like helping people realize their dreams and to assist with creating their dream wedding. Many beautiful beaches await you on any of our Bahama islands. There are many other options here in the Bahamas: churches, tropical gardens, private homes, local historical sites and even weddings at sea. Ask me the questions,  I’m ready to answer!


Whether you’re interested in having a wedding, learning more about grief, or even searching for your inner peace, I’m here to answer your questions.