Renewal of Marriage Vows


Some weeks ago, I indicated that I would share with you on the matter of the Renewal of Marriage Vows. I will aim to cover this matter in three parts, each one shedding a bit of light on the question: “Why should we plan a ceremony to celebrate our marriage vows?”

Over the past few decades, I have enjoyed working with couples in the planning of a ceremony to celebrate significant wedding anniversary milestones. Participating couples share many reasons contributing to their decision to renew their wedding vows. Here are a few:

  • One reason that is a popular one is: “We did not have an opportunity to have a big wedding so now that we can celebrate, let’s do it!”
  • Sometimes either the husband of the wife have had a serious illness and recovered. As a way of acknowledging their gratitude to God and to each other, they will plan a ceremony to renew their vows.
  • The big milestone years are always a reason for celebrations: 10 years; 20 years; 25 years.
  • Another reason some couples have shared is: “Some of our family members were unable to attend our wedding and we wanted to include them.”
  • Sometimes, couples with children indicate that they would like to include their children in a Renewal of Vows Ceremony.


One of the most memorable Renewal of Wedding Vows Ceremonies that I can remember was a couple that came to The Bahamas to celebrate their 10th Wedding Anniversary. The couple had two cute little boys and they were dressed like their dad.  It was one of the most beautiful events of my career.


I remember another ceremony where a couple celebrated 50 Years of marriage with all their children, grandchildren and some of their good friends. It rained at the time of the ceremony, so much so, we were unable to have the ceremony on the beach at The Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island. After a quick creative consultation and we were inside at The Diggs and in front of the swimming sharks and stingrays and hundreds of fish and in this creative space husband and wife recommitted to continue to love each other for the rest of their lives.


In relationships people grow and change. Some couples believe this is a good reason to acknowledge the growth and changes in their lives and write a new set of vows to celebrate more authentically the people they have become.


I have never had a Renewal of Vows Ceremony that was not meaningful, electrifying and emotionally touching. I am aware that many couples have travelled together, they have taken cruises, planned family reunions and still, they continue to look for new ways to celebrate their marriage. A Renewal of Vows Ceremony is unique, special, different and often meets the yearnings and longings of two people who will do anything they can to help each other in their pursuit of happiness.  


I believe I can help you to celebrate the unique relationship that you have with your husband or wife. I will compose a special ceremony that will fit your relationship as you look over the years you have lived together and turn your faces to meet the next wonderful years of your life.


I believe in celebration! I believe that every couple reaching a key Milestone in their relationship can invite their family members and friends to witness their new Vows and raise their glasses to the Mr. and Mrs. once more.


In Part Two I will share further details on different types of ceremonies with you and I look forward to connecting with you soon.


Blessings and Peace!


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